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About Us

If there is one blog site that sets out to provide accurate news, information and the latest developments in the world of architecture, it is LeonLauver. We set no limits on our contributors, no piece of information is too insignificant to be published.

If you are an architect, you may use our platform to share experiences from your professional life or even small things that you feel that others should know of from the world of architecture. A lot is happening out there. Traditional blueprints are being replaced by 3D software that creates real to life images of the actual project. Tell our readers about it, not only about using the software but about the pitfalls that should be avoided in this regard. This is just an example. You can add what you feel should be passed on to other architects to make their work a whole lot easier.

But what if you are not a professional architect but your interest level on this subject is no less than a learned expert? You are also invited to write your thoughts on our pages. In fact, we have seen that off the beaten track blogs from amateurs often have great relevancy and is very useful for architects and the common man. This is especially true of people who write in about minor points that are pertinent and have great information value.

Talk about architect and architecture, about small historical facts about great buildings and structures around the world, in fact anything that is designed to capture the interests of the reader in this niche.